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Roofing Repair Services A-1 Roofing in Western Washington

A collapsed roof is one of the most serious forms of roof damage. In some cases, you may prevent total roof collapse if you recognize the signs and make preventive repairs early enough. Below are some of the signs that may point to a roof collapse in the near future.

Difficulty With Doors and Windows

Too much weight on the roof may affect the doors and windows. Contractors fit roofs and doors precisely and tightly to avoid air leaks that would affect energy efficiency. Thus, a change in the fit of your doors and windows may affect the ease with which they open and close. When a roof sags due to overload, it presses upon the windows and doors and affect their fit. The windows and doors then become difficult to open and close. The doors on the interior walls are particularly vulnerable to damage due to roof overload.

Ceiling Damage

The ceiling is directly below and attached to the roof so it suffers damage if the roof can’t hold the weight above it. You may notice sag or cracks on the ceiling if it suffers from roof overload. Ceiling damage is even more likely in an old home whose structures are weak due to years of wear and tear.

Wall Damage

The load-bearing walls may also suffer damage as a result of roof overload. The load-bearing walls —exterior walls plus a few interior walls — hold and support the weight of the home. If the weight of the load on the roof is too much for the roof, then it is also too much for the walls. The load-bearing walls may bulge and crack as a result of the overload.

Attic Sounds

If you hear unusual attic sounds, your roof may have too much weight on it. Creaks and cracks from the attic point to damage of roof support structures that the weight of the roof may cause. Call for emergency roof repair if the sounds increase in frequency or become too loud; roof collapse may be imminent in such a case.

Damage to Utility Lines

You may also notice damage to your utility lines if the weight on your roof is too much for it to bear. Water lines, sewer lines, and even electrical conduits may get bent out of shape, become loose, or even break in some cases. If your house is old, you might think that such issues are due to old age even though they are due to the roof overload.

Flooring Damage

Damage to the floor may also indicate too much load on the roof. The damage to the floor likely occurs if your floor is wood, which may buckle or crack as a result of stress. You might not notice some of these signs if you have a thick carpet and the floor damage is minimal. However, floor creaks may also function as a nonverbal cue for the damage.

Roof Leaks

Many forms of roof damage manifest themselves in the form of leaks, and an overload is no exception. Just like windows and doors, roofing contractors design and install roof structures and materials (from trusses to shingles) to fit perfectly. A perfect fit guarantees both energy efficiency and moisture prevention for your roof. When your roof has too much weight on it, the structures that previously fit together will crack, get displaced, or even break. This may cause water to leak through the roof into the rooms below. Hopefully, you will manage to repair your roof in time, and it won’t collapse. If your roof does collapse or suffers irreparable damage, consult A-1 Roofing Inc. for a replacement roof. We are experienced and professional roofers who can work with you and get you a new roof as soon as possible. Contact us for a quote in case you need any roofing work.